I wrote this guide a few years back in an attempt to explain all the components of a web application and how they fit together. It's more than a bit rambly, often too detailed, and not nearly connected enough, but it does an earnest job at trying to go through everything you need to know to build a rudimentary web app.

It's my hope that something inside will be helpful to you.


P.S. And if you're interested in the concepts underlying web applications, I've since written another, much shorter ebook covering some of these topics called HTTP on Rails.

1 | Web Foundations
2 | Web Languages
3 | Computing Foundations
4 | Web Applications
5 | Ajax
6 | Tools
7 | Ruby: The Language
8 | Rails: The Framework
9 | More of the Project
10 | Loose Ends
11 | More on Rails
12 | Other Tools and Concepts
13 | General Advice